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Look closely to observe unusual network activity. Lookely helps hunting spam mail botnet viruses on end user computers.

End user computers generally do not have to issue DNS MX queries - they just hand the email off to your mail server by explicit smarthost, relay, smtp server or outbound  mail server settings, which will require an A record but not MX record lookup.

So, Lookely observes the network traffic on your computer, visualize the network traffic and will alarmed at increased DNS MX requests.

Some notes about Lookely:


You will need to have administrator privileges to run Lookely.

Run Lookely and have a look at network activity animation.

The ball in the middle is your computer, the peer balls are the ip communication entities.

Point with the mouse to any place in the scene and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

By default, Lookely trace all network interfaces. You can exclude IP interfaces from the context menu.

From the Lookely systray icon you can bring lookely to front, activate the context menu and you will be notified via an alarm.

Set the focus to lookely and press the space button: the traffic animation will freeze and you can trigger the tooltips from the IP peer balls.

A double click on a peer ball marked the peer IP address as trustworthy.

If your computer does a lot of DNS MX requests the ball in the middle will colored red.


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Lookely is freeware and can be used by anyone.
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Download Lookely

You can download Lookely.exe here.

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